Wednesday AM May 6th, 2009

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Angelo Harris is the acting executive director of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance, a non-profit organization at
OTC representing the oil and gas industry in South Africa.

"Eight years ago, we started out in the tents outside. We've grown exponentially every year. We've got a much larger presence this year and we have aboutξ 20 companies exhibiting this year."

Harris says OTC is the best place to get his organization's name out and attract new business.

"The primary objective is to market our services and capability to service the industry. The individual marketing focus of exhibiting companies is one to potentially source projects and also to obviously obtain leads and trying to attract business to South Africa itself."ξξξ
OTC is in it's 40th year in Houston and is the largest convention in the city. The conference wraps-up on Thursday.ξ

image of an OTC exhibit


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