The Front Row, Tuesday, 04/14/2009

KUHF's Dean Dalton speaks with Thomas Dausgaard, Chief Conductor of the Danish National Symphony and Principal Conductor of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.ξMaestro Dausgaard guest-conducts this weekend's Houston Symphony concerts, Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in Jones Hall. Listen. Download.

KUHF's Catherine Lu speaks with Steven Wallace, Director of the University of Houston's School of Theatre and Dance, and Carolyn Houston Boone, Associate Professor of Undergraduate Acting and Directing at the School.ξMr. Wallace stage-directed ... and Ms. Boone is a member of the cast ... of the School's production of Amy Lanasa's Texas-based comedy. Buy One, Get Five Free.ξListen. Download.

The Rothko Chapel and the American Turkish Association present a program of Traditional and Modern Turkish Sufi Music, with our guest, Tolga Unaldi, playing the five-thousand-year-old reed flute called the "ney."ξHis performance is tomorrow night atξ7:00PM at the Rothko Chapel. Listen. Download.
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