Houston Still Waits Until Last Minute

After being booted from the numberξone spot last year, Houston barely misses out to San Francisco this year coming in at number two. The Internal Revenue Service says about twenty-percent of tax payers wait until the last two weeks to file. Colleen Gatlin is with Turbo Tax. With more people busy, she thinks filers wait until the last minute becauseξ they know there is still time to go online.

"Electronic filing is really the way to go because, more so than getting it in quickly, you get receipt and confirmation that the I.R.S. has received that. So, that's definitely about 80-percent of the population are going towards e-filing and it's a great solution, plus you can get a refund back fast if you are getting one."

She says online filing is a great alternative to expensive options that often yield the same results to taxpayers.

"It also allows you to do your taxes on your own time. You don't have to make an appointment. You don't have to stand in line and there's plenty of help through the program as well."

With less than two weeks to April 15th, Gatlin says there are still some ways to save.

"If you did wait until now to file, you can still contribute to an IRA, that's gonna save you some money. Don't forget your charitable donations that you made, not just the items you donated, but maybe the mileage or the time."

More information can be found at various websites, like www.turbotax.com, www.taxslayer.com and www.irs.gov.

Pat Hernandez, KUHF...Houston Public Radio News.

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