WrestleMania Tackles Literacy in Houston

"The whole world is gonna be watching this Sunday when WrestleMania comes to Houston."

That's Rey Mysterio, one of many wrestlers in town for this weekends WrestleMania.

(Promo for the 25th anniversary of WestleMania)

Last year's WrestleMania event in Orlando, Florida, set a Citrus Bowl record of 74 thousand people. And this year's 25th anniversary at Reliant Stadium could match, or even break that mark.
WWE's Stephanie McMahon says it's not just about making money. Their goal, she says,ξis to give back to the community.

"Which is why last year the WWE superstars teamed with the Houston Food Bank to benefit the victims of Hurricane Ike. In addition, WWE Superstars teamed with the Houston Public library in a back to school reading initiative. Tomorrow night, as referenced WrestleMania, will have its art proceeds going to benefit the Houston Public Library Foundation."

She's talking about an art auction Wednesday night. Most of the works are from local artists, but some were done by wrestlers themselves. And the money goes to Houston libraries.

As for Sunday's main event, Jose Leon of Houston says he can't wait.

"Yeah I'm going. I [have] ringside tickets.

Bill Stamps: "You excited?"
"Oh, big time. Big time."
"Why do you like it so much?"
"Everything, the excitement, the superstars, all the shows togetherξ— everything."

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.
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