Thursday AM March 26th, 2009

John Hofmeister addressed energy executives at a Greater Houston Partnership forum this week, calling for the formation of a new federal board to be created by Congress to oversee America's energy security needs.ξ Hofmeister's last couple of years at Shell included touring the country, conducting forums about the energy industry.

"I became so impressed with American pragmatism and American intelligence when I was at my previous company that when I came up to retirement, thought about my next career, I thought, you know, I really want to give something back to the American people for everything that I've benefitted from over 35 years of a corporate life and educating my fellow citizens on energy reality."

Hofmeister's organization speaks to consumers through a Web site and plans to have chapters to carry the message of what he calls "the four mores."

"Which is, you know, more supply of energy, more technology for efficiency, more environmental protection and more infrastructure.ξ We can carry those messages to the American people where they live.ξ So we will have local affiliates that can communicate across the nation what's important about the future of energy, whether it's California or Maine.ξ Because their energy needs are local, but they're also national, they're also international.ξ And our mission is to reach all 300 million Americans in the course of time."ξξξξ

Hofmeister says a new federal board to oversee energy security needs could be fashioned after the Federal Reserve Board.ξ

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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