The Front Row, Tuesday, 03/24/2009

Classical guitarist Alejandro Montiel plays music by twentieth-century composers of Spain and the Americas, Sunday afternoon at Four in the Performing Arts Center on the Town and Country campus of Houston Community College Northwest. He performs excerpts from his upcoming program in the Geary Performance Studio. Listen. Download.

Thomas LeGrand is the Houston Symphony's Associate Principal Clarinetist; he's learned how to play the recorder just for this weekend's performance of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto Number Four during the Orchestra's two-day Spring Music Festival, The Bach Versus Vivaldi Experience.ξAssistant Conductor and American Conducting Fellow, Brett Mitchell, directs the Saturday morning family program, The Baroque Bowl, pitting Antonio Vivaldi and his Venice Red-Hairs against J. S. Bach and his Leipzig White Wigs for the musical championship of the era. They speak with KUHF's Dean Dalton about their upcoming performances. Listen. Download.

Shepherd School of Music faculty artist, James Dunham, and Rice University students, Catherine Ram’_rez and Sadie Turner,ξ Debussy's Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp, on tonights program presented by the Saint Cecilia Chamber Music Society recital, A Trio of Trios. They preview tonights performance in the Geary Performance Studio. Listen. Download.

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