We're Number Six! We're Number Six!

If you're ever watching TV in another part of the country. You're likely to see and hear this commercial:

"Visit Houston and dine at your choice of over 5,000 restaurants from 34 different countries, serving up a wide range of cuisines and nightlife from local favorites to culinary classics. Plan your getaway today. Log on to visithoustontexas-dot-com."

There's a number of different ads similar to that one running in cities throughout the US. The main theme: come to Houston. There's plenty to do and you can do it cheaper. The marketing campaign appears to be working. Hotwire.com just named Houston the sixth most affordable vacation spot in the country. Lindsey Brown is one of the people responsible for making Houston look good in other cities. She says sixth place isn't bad.

"We have been for a long time in Houston struggling for the national recognition that I think a lot of people here think we deserve. So anytime we're on any top ten list saying we're desirable as a vacation destination, we are very happy."

Keep in mind Houston wasn't voted sixth best place to vacation, but sixth most affordable place. But with the economic situation the way it is, Brown says many people are looking for a bargain.

"We offer those same things, but we've always offered them at a lower price-point than these other cities. So I think people are starting to realize, 'okay, what can I do now that the economy isn't so great, but where can I go and get all those same great things, but it's a little easier on the wallet at the same time'."

The city is also getting a little help from its most famous residents. People like George Foreman, George and Barbara Bush and of course, recording artist Beyonc’©.

(Beyonc’© singing )

You'll find all of them on visithoustontexas-dot-com, telling you why they love Houston.

It'll be hard for Houston to ever pass places like Miami, and San Diego — when it comes to top vacations spots — but if you're talking about most affordable vacations, Lindsey Brown says we could be number one in no time.

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