Friday AM March 13th, 2009

image of Alliance for NanoHealth logo and affiliates

The FDA collaboration with the Houston-based Alliance for NanoHealth and its eight member institutions is to speed development of safe and effective medical products in the emerging nanotechnology field.ξ Dr. Mauro Ferrari is president of the alliance and nanomedicine division director at the UT Health Science Center.ξξξ

"In May we are going to have the second worldwide workshop.ξ It's going to be here in Houston again, where we'll further refine these fundamental themes.ξ We are going to convene groups of expertise around those areas so that we can identify not only the problems but also the solution strategies.ξ The results of of our studies are going to be completely public domain."ξ

The idea is to identify how nanoparticles behave and affect biological systems.ξ Dr. Ferrari says the collaboration will develop "pre-competitive science" that will be available to everyone.

"So that then the various agencies, the various private sector companies, will be able to focus their resources not on solving these fundamental problems — those will be available to everybody through the literature, through our research — but they'll be able to focus on specific problems for specific diseases.ξ So hopefully this will be a great impulse for the field.ξ As you say, it will facilitate the development and the approval of safe and effective new drugs."

Nanotechnology involves the creation and use of materials at the molecular and atomic levels.ξ

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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