Alamo Flag

image of Alamo flag

Singer Phil Collins owns a lot of Alamo memorabilia, and he donates his time to help the Daughters of the Republic of Texas preserve the Alamo's history.ξ He recorded the introduction to a diorama of the battle for the Alamo History Shop, and he's in San Antonio to speak to descendants of the Alamo defenders on Saturday.

Meanwhile, two professors say they've found the origin of the famous Alamo battle flag.ξ Louis Brister of Texas State University and Jim Crisp of North Carolina State say a man who was at the Alamo, but didn't die there, wrote in his memoirs that some ladies who met their New Orleans Volunteer group at the Sabine River gave them the flag.ξ

That flag was captured by the Mexicans after the Alamo fell, and it's now in Mexico's National History Museum.

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.

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