Tuesday AM March 3rd, 2009

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Kevin Howell is executive vice president and regional president for NRG Texas. He says the purchase is a natural fit.

"We just view it as very complementary. We already own a large generation portfolio here that we have to take to market everyday and having a retail business is just a natural extension of that, how we take to market everyday. It's just very complementary from a credit efficiency standpoint, which brings a lot of benefit to the whole market as well."ξξ

NRG entered the Texas electricity market in 2006. Howell says Reliant customers shouldn't notice any difference in service.

"They're still going to call the same call-center they talk to now. We bought not only the retail business, we bought the branding rights as well, so we're going to do business as Reliant Energy, so the average customer, if we execute well, will see absolutely no change whatsoever."

The deal should be finalized by early summer. Reliant serves almost 2-million customers in Texas.ξξξ


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