Another Group Tries to Save Dogs

(sound of a puppy whining)

The puppy making all the noise is one of a dozen or so dogs locked in small cages. They're inside a mobile surgical unit that looks like a small RV.

You have to wonder ifξthe puppy'sξhowling because he knows whats about to happen to him, or if he's just doing what puppies do. About two feet away,ξDr. Genevieve Keillor has a pit bull lying on a table and she's holding a very sharp knife.

"I'm spaying a female dog. She's a pit bull, one of my favorites, and she's in heat andξgood things she's getting spayed because we don't want her out there having babies. There are so many pit bulls out there that don't have homes or are cared for improperly."

The doctor makes a small incision and begins to look for the baby-making organs.

"We're taking out the uterus and ovaries in a procedure through a real small hole in her abdomen and she'll be up and running again back to herself probably by...end of tomorrow."

On this day, the mobile spay and neuter van is in a part of north Houston some say is one of the worst when it comes to stray dogs.

Two weeks ago we followed followed Good Samaritan Deborah Hoffman as she laid out food for the dogs. Sometimes she's able to catch them. The rest either end up dead on the side of the road or roam around sometimes making more babies. And that's why all pets should be spayed or neutered says Dr. Keilor.

"Who doesn't love puppies, but there's so many of them. They don't have homes, you know."

Dr. Keillor patches up the pit bull and starts prepping a big German shepard. Meantime, the puppy seems to get louder. Maybe he really does know what's about to happen.

Bill Stamps KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

For information, view the SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program, Inc.) web site.ξ

Above image is courtesy of SNAP.
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