FEMA Recovery Centers Down to Two

FEMA's Simon Chabel says at one time there were 24 disaster recovery centers operating in Harris County.ξ Today that's done to four and two of them will now be shutting down.

"The one at Greenspoint Mall and the Universal Shopping Center will be closing effective tomorrow. They will be open all day tomorrow and then 5:30 PM they will be shutting down for good."

The centers have served thousands over the months, but Chabel says so much storm damaged has been repaired that the need for four centers just isn't there any longer.

"But there will be also still two centers open in Harris County, one at the old Freeman Library and the one at the Miramar Shopping Center. If people still do need help and what that face-to-face contact, they can go to those two sites."

You can also call FEMA at 800-621 FEMA or contact them at fema-dot-gov.

At the same time FEMA is opening mitigation sites at area home improvement stores to provide information on how to protect your property from future storms.

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