Tuesday AM February 24th, 2009

image of logo for Texas Asis Society conference

A panel of experts this week will discuss the U.S. relationship with China, past, present and future.ξ It's the 30th anniversary of the normalization of U.S.-China diplomatic relations, and the 30th anniversary of the Asia Society in Texas.ξ Dr. Orville Schell has written nine books about China.

"The United States and China — even though we're very different countries, we have many disagreements and different political systems — we are, in effect, married.ξ We are economically completely involved.ξ They subsidize us by buying our debt and we buy their goods.ξ The global financial crisis is not limited to one country, and the most important relationship we really have, economically speaking, is with China."

Dr. Schell has followed China since the days of Chairman Mao.

"You know, the one thing you learn when you stick around China for a while, that it's perhaps the most uppredictable country in the world, and nothing quite happens the way you imagine it will.ξ Always something else happens, and that's because, you know, it's a country that over the last 100 years it's been trying, in serial fashion, to re-invent itself, to kind of find a whole new identity in politics and even economy."ξ

The Asia Society event at the InterContinental Hotel on Thursday also features former Ambassador Stapleton Roy, three-time ambassador to China, Singapore and Indonesia.ξ

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

For more informatin on the event, visit the Asia Society-Texas web site.


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