Houston Fire Department Donates Equipment

The Houston Fire Department has found a good use for some used but still usable firefighting equipment taking up space in the department's storage buildings. They're donating it to another fire department that can use it in South America.

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About a hundred thousand pounds of firefighting equipment was loaded into two big trucks today, and it's now heading south to Guayaquil Ecuador, one of Houston's two Latin-America sister cities. Fire Department spokesman Michael Braun says it's old equipment, but it's still in good repair and they just want to give it to someone who needs it and can use it.

Many fire departments in Central and South America have to use worn out broken down equipment because they can't afford to buy what they need new. Braun says the gear donated by HFD is not cast-off or second rate -- it's high quality and enough of it's going to Ecuador for at least several fire stations.

Guayaquil Ecuador is one of sixteen cities around the world that have sister city relationships with Houston. These relationships are designed to create partnerships between American and foreign cities to promote cultural understanding and economic development.

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