Trans-Texas Corridor May Live On

The Department of Transportation executive director dropped the bombshell a crowd of twelve hundred industry professionals saying 'Texans have spoken and we've beenξlistening.'

Dallas Senator John Cornyn, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, couldn't be more pleased.

"I think it's great news for the people of the state. We heard for many months now, people didn't want the corridor built for a variety of different reasons."

As a strong critic over the corridor placed restrictions on it's construction. He preceded over volatile public hearings which included one at the legislature which attracted more than a thousand opponents from across the state.

Cornyn says landowners and environmentalists were among those who objected toξthe governor's concept of building a state-wideξtransportation system, with a main corridor that stretched from Oklahoma to Mexico. Opponents said the twelve hundred-foot width ofξthe corridor with roads, rail lines, utilities, and moreξwas just tooξmuch.ξ

"The notion of going out into deep, rural farm lands of the state and building this corridor at the expense of landowners and through a very aggressive pattern and process of takings of land. I think that's what people really found just unacceptable, justξdownright un-Texan."

On a conference call with reporters Governor Perry said he agreed with theξTransportation Department's decision to scale down theξproject he unveiledξseven years ago.ξ

"I think the concept of the Tran-Texas Corridor was one that frankly, got misunderstood and the idea that there was misrepresentation of what it was certainly plays into the decision Tx-Dot madeξand I support their decision."ξ

Cornyn says sections of the corridor project, especially those planned forξcongested urban areas are still on the drawing board. Eliminating this hot political potato meansξCornyn and his transportation committee can know focus on how to pay for roads that Texans want, instead of how to block roads they don't want.
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