Changes in Holiday Shopping

"Everybody's getting limited gifts."

That's Deborah, who wouldn't give us her last name as she hurried into McDonald's.ξ Do other Houston residents feel the same this Christmas season?

Keith Jackson is a law student. Everyone knows college students are already poor.ξWith the economy the way it is you think Keith would really be cutting back on the gifts. He says he will, but not that much.

"You take cuts where you feel like you need to take cuts. But you know everyone tries to sustain some semblance of a lifestyle."ξ

Finally we foundξMarc Davis.

"It's not affecting my plans as far as spending but it is affecting my plans as far as traveling. We're not gonna travel as much. We were thinking about going out of state for Christmas, now we may go in state."

Davis refuses to let the that spoil the fun and excitement for his family.

"I have a six year old and a three year old so Santa Clause is definitely coming we just may not drive as far as we'd normally go to see him."
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