Thanksgiving Dinner For Everyone

(sound crane)

That noise is a crane workers are using to hang festive looking Christmas bulbs on the tree outside city hall. A ladder just isn't big enough.ξ
(sound metal ladder)

Other workers take a look at the food boxed-up in the fridge. But this is no ordinary fridge. It's a huge Wal- Mart big rig truck filled with enough food to feed thousands. Where was this after Hurricane Ike? It's all for the annual Superfeast Thanksgiving Dinner. Event organizer Tammy Bohan says this special meal isnt' just for the poor.

"Originally it was for the homeless and less fortunate, but we've opened it up about seven or eight years ago and said everyone is welcome.ξξSo if you don't have a place to go or family or friends, or you just wanna come down — everyone is welcome."

This will be the 24th year the Superfeast has been held. They're expecting to serve 8,500 pounds of turkey, 4,000 pounds of dressing and more than 30-thousand slices of bread, much of it coming from Wal-Mart.

"We have people from all walks of life coming together. A lot of our volunteers stay for thanksgiving dinner."

Bohan says there's so much food you can even go back for more.

"This is Houston, everything's big.ξThey can go for seconds and thirds."

If you're wondering what happens to the leftovers, they go to the Houston Food Bank.

Bill Stamps, KUHFξHouston Public Radio News.

Again the dinner is right outside the Houston city hall on Bagby street. Food is served between 10am and 3pm. Everyone is welcome.

To volunteer or donate, visit Superfeast or call 713-516-3501.
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