Friday AM November 21st, 2008

image of Houston trafficThe good news continues at the gas pump for Houston drivers. Ten out of eleven metro areas surveyed by Triple A Texas this week report prices under $2.00 a gallon. This is Triple A's Sarah Schimmer.

"In Houston, we're at $1.81 and that price is a difference of 11-cents since last week."

Last year at this time, gas was $2.89 a gallon in Houston, a $1.07 more expensive than it is right now.

"Prices continue to come down. Demand is much lower than it was last year and drivers have changed their habits because we got used to those higher prices. We're now seeing the lower prices, and again, demand is just down."

In Texas, the average price of gas is $1.88 a gallon, down 12-cents from last week. The national average is $2.17 a gallon.


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