A New Generation Learns to Help Memorial Park

When the kids arrive in the morning they get the basics about what plants are targeted for removal and what to expect when looking for them in the woods.

"...there are also possibly snakes....."

This causes no trepidation among the students because they're highly motivated to be part of the project.

"...field trip, so we can miss out on school...(sound: laughing) anything's better than going to school..."

But it really doesn't matter why they chose to come to the park, it's only important they did.

"And hopefully they'll continue to come back, and come back, and come back and say I planted that tree or that bush and it's still here, and inspire their own children; that's our hope, that's our aim."

Sally Tyler is the Executive Director of the Memorial Park Conservancy, one of the groups who work together to rid the park of invasive plants and introduce Memorial Park and to a new generation.

"This is the beginning of teaching students a little bit about Memorial Park and what is necessary to maintain habitat like this."

As they did last spring the groups are removing plants marked with orange paint....

(sound: sawing.)... But they are also doing some planting.....

(sound: digging).... And they removing some of the limbs felled by Hurricane Ike. (sound: dragging).

Even though some think they're not in school, turns out they're being taught what others have learned.

"Someone had to stop and train us and that's what we're doing today. It's just beginning that process of training the youth of tomorrow how to protect Memorial Park."
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