Friday AM October 17th, 2008

image of china map with money behind itAnnual trade between Houston and China was valued at $6.7 billion in 2007. Stephen Joske is with the Economist Intelligence Unit's China Forecasting Service.

"The key thing is that the China growth story is still very good, despite the global slowdown. And while Chinese growth will slow down this year and next, it's not going to be a dramatic slowing, even though (in) the long-term the same pattern applies, it will still be going fairly strongly but at a slightly slower rate." Ed: "Population, demographic sort of reasons?" "That's right, yep. Very much driven by the demographics and the urbanization process."

The China Regional Forecasting Service provides political and economic data, analysis and forecasts for China's 31 provinces.

"We're just a sister group to the Economist magazine. We do reporting on economic and political developments all around the world, and business, to help them inform their business decisions. Almost everyone's affected by the Chinese economy nowadays, because (as) I said it really is big enough now where it can move global markets and it can influence the whole global growth rate. So anyone doing business has got to have an interest in China."

Joske says a year ago there were fears that the Beijing Olympics would actually lead to an economic slowdown in China, but that never materialized.

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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