First Ike, now this.

Just a few weeks ago it was Hurricane Ike, or Sarah Palin everyone was talking about.ξ Now it's the economy and how bad things might get.

Attorney Brad Richards says this man-made disaster reminds him of the one mother nature just sent our way.

"The feeling I have is like the feeling we all had right before the storm."

He says people don't know what to expect in this case...the same way they didn't know what was going to happen before Ike hit.

"We still have a job. We still take home a paycheck. We still go and live our daily lives, but you understand that there's this storm, but you don't really understand how it's going to affect you personally. It may take down a tree. It may down a tree that hits your roof. It may take your roof off. It may take the entire house away."

Before Ike, those who prepared saved water and food.ξ In this case Houston's Carmelita Robertson is saving her money.

"Because like with my 401k, I'm losing money everywhere and I'm not even a big investor, so just imagine how they feel when they're losing millions of dollars. And I work in investment banking and it's very slow."

The hurricane caused many to lose their homes and jobs...experts are saying the economic disaster could do the same.

Bill Stamps. KUHF Houston Public Radio News.
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