City Council Goes after Roof Repair Scam Artists

The complaints and horror stories are already starting to come in....roof repair companies taking the customers money and doing a lousy job, or taking the money and never doing the job at all. Mayor White wants to make all roof repair companies register with the city so there will be some sort of record of them should there be problems down the road, but many Councilmembers have concerns with Councilwoman Toni Lawrence.

"Let's say a bad guy registers. What are we gonna do? Are we gonna slap their hands? Are we gonna have them put in jail? What if they buy the shingles, set them in Mrs. Jones yard and then do nothing?"

Councilman M.J. Khan: "I'm not sure what it is we are trying to achieve here, and how much we will really safeguard the consumers.ξ Because lets face it, the people who have bad intentions —ξthe criminal elements —ξare not going to register with the city."

Councilwoman Ann Clutterbuck says homeowners themselves need to take some responsibility in picking the right people.

"When you're spending a thousand dollars, or five thousand, or fifteen thousand dollars it's incumbent on you the consumer to check the references and to check to see the person you're spending that money with has insurance."

The council decided to hold off on the registration idea for now, but in the meantime, Mayor White is warning the public to be careful.

"You know one of the best rules that I ever follow is check references with someone and check how long they've been in the business."

Bill Stamps. KUHF Houston Public Radio News.
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