Texans and Reliant Team up to help Ike Victims

(sounds of beeping from a large truck backing up) 293-pound Chris Meyers plays center for the Houston Texans. Tuesday morning his position was loader....as in loading boxes of food. Meyers only lost power for a day at his own house, but he knows many people had it much worse.

"Once you get to the facility and once you getξthe practice in and you're able to play football. But once you get back home, you realize what happened and you see what's going on. And coming out here to the Houston Food Bank it opens your eyes to how many people are still in need."

It's not just the players who were affected.ξ Larissa is on the cheer squad/ξ Many of them had to evacuate as well.

"We had a mandatory evacuation, so we left on Thursday.ξ We made it to Austin, so we stayed there to ride out the store, but it was difficult to find a hotel. All of them were like booked up."

Team players, families and cheerleaders boxed up food headed for hurricane victims, while team owner Bob McNair announced he's donated half a million dollars to the Relief Fund.

"The NFL has matched th 500-thousand that we gave. Chevron has given 250-thousand and we're delighted that we have business partners in addition to Reliant doing all that they can."

Reliant Energy is donating a million dollars as well.

Bill Stamps. Houston Public Radio News.
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