One Week Later Shelters Still Busy

When Bear Creek United Methodist Church held its Sunday service, there were people thanking God that things weren't worse after Hurricane Ike.

But at the church's Red Cross shelter there are people who do have it worse. But they too are feeling blessed. Sheila Stanford is staying at the shelter because she has no home to go to.

"Everything was tore up, flood water in your house. Everything tore down, building collapsed, it was terrible, lights hanging, no power."
Bill Stamps: "Nothing. Was it a house or apartment?"
Stamps: "So you may not be able to go back there at all. Correct."

Elton Brown is from Galveston. He might have to find a new place to live as well. But he says he's not frustrated.

"No, I don't too much get frustrated. I just leave it to God. It's a blessing that I'm hear you know."

And then there's Emma Maddox...another shelter resident. She's hoping some good will come out of the storm for her and her family.

"Where we were living was bad in the first place and now it's worse. We lived in a trailer. I enjoy it here. They've done so much for us now and I'm just waiting to see what God does next."

One week after the storm, there are still more than 100 people at the this shelter. Mother Nature may have destroyed their homes, but for many of them — she has not shaken their faith.
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