Mayor Thomas: 'Galveston is not in Ruins'

One part of the island has power, and there is some running water now. But it's not enough to flush a toilet and it's not safe to drink or to use for cooking. Galveston Mayor Lydia Ann Thomas says people need to stay away so the work can continue.

"The City of Galveston is not in ruins it us recovering according to a well established plan."

The city does not have the capacity to respond to medical emergencies or to fires. Galveston officials tried to allow residents to return to look at their properties and leave. It was shut down when too many people returned at once. Galveston City Manager Steve LeBlanc says there will be no look and leave chance.

"We have meeting after meeting evaluating every option that we could think of.ξ And it's best, because of our situation, because of theξinfrastructure to not implement it.ξWe tried it — it didn't work."

Mayor Thomas says she shares residents frustrations.

"By staying away and being patient,ξyou are making it possible for us to get you homeξin a week or so, instead of the months it would take if the city's infrastructure was more overwhelmed at this point."

Capella Tucker. KUHF-Houston Public Radio.
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