Volunteers Aid National Guard At Points of Distribution

"Good morning Sir, as close to the pallets as possible."

Carolyn Smith greets drivers as they pull into the parking lot.ξ In a matter of minutes they'll have a carload of ice, water and food.ξξ

"How long did you have to wait"

Reply from FEMA supply receiver: "About ten minutes."

"Alright! (hand clap)"

Carolyn says being here helping out is her duty.

"I've been in a place where I needed help.ξ And I just want to give back."

Bill Stamps: "How does that make you feel?"


On the other side of the parking lot is Tangela Palmer.

"No water, we're out."

This isn't the first time she's volunteered after a disaster.

"Katrina, Rita, just about everything we have around Houston aboard."

Tangela is part of the pit stop crew.ξ Cars pull up,ξpop the truck, then Tangela andξother volunteers put in the supplies.ξ And why does she do it?

"Just the pleasure of helping others.ξ That's it."

And with many people still without power there are plenty of people who need her help.ξ

ξBill Stamps. KUHF-Houston Pubic Radio.
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