Judge Dismisses Metro Lawsuit

When its finished, Metro's University Rail Line will pass by several universities. It's supposed to help students commuting to class.

It will also run along a portion of Richmond Avenue. But Houston resident Daphne Scarbrough didn't like that part of the plan and so she sued Metro. Georgo Smalley is a Metro spokesman.

"Mrs Scarbrough owns a residence and business on Richmond Avenue and the light rail line needs to be built where the people are to use it. Also Houstonians know, who live in that area, there is no West Park east of Kirby so we've gotta connect up with West Park somehow and this is the best way."

A state judge has ruled in favor of Metro agreeing that Scarbrough can't claim she's been harmed when the line hasn't even been built yet. Metro says the suit never should have been filed in the first place.

"With gasoline prices at 4 dollars, and no relief in sight, with traffic congestion. Specious lawsuits like the one that was dismissed yesterday. They don't do anything to solve our problems with traffic and congestion. Its time to move on and improve mobility."

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