University Plans Name Change

Joseph Madiso is signing up for classes at the University of Houston Downtown.

"English 1302, accounting 2302 and possibly political science 2304."

Joseph and many students I spoke with like the idea that the University of Houston Downtown sounds like it's part of the University of Houston, even though it's not.

"I thinkξU of H is a good name school, and I think if it's comparable to the main campus — ξthen keep the name."

But University officials don't like the confusion. They say it causes all sorts of problems...especially when it comes to fundraising. UHD spokesperson Sue Davis gives this example.

"Sometimes we hear 'well we've already given money'.ξ And when we ask more questions, we find out they haven't given money to us, they've given money to our sister campus."

They plan to let students faculty and the general public have a say in the naming process.ξ The only thing they don't want is the word downtown.

"You have things like Houston Metropolitan University, Houston International University.

The university plans to put up a website soon where people can send in their suggestions.

Bill Stamps...KUHF Houston Public Radio News.
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