Texas Boaters Should be Prepared for Dolly

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The time to act is now. Petty Office David Schuhlein the affects of a storm are felt before it arrives so don't wait to make sure your boat is safe.

"Contact your local marina; ask for advice about securing your vessel. That's very important. You want to make sure that your boat is tied down securely."

Petty Officer Schuhlein says this information isn't just for those along the south Texas coast.

"We want to encourage the entire Texas coastline, everything from Brownsville all the way up to Beaumont and Port Arthur to all take the same precautions as if the tropical storm is going to be headed in their direction."

This is also not the time to get out on the water.ξ

In some areas boaters can see warning flags the Coast Guard flies to alert boaters to dangerous conditions.

Petty Officer Schuhlein says on red pennant is a small craft advisory.

"That's winds anywhere between 21-to-38 miles per hour.ξ Two pennants, two red flags is gale warnings. Those winds are anywhere between 39-to-54 miles per hour.ξ Then you have a square flag which is a storm warning with a black square in the middle, and that's 55-73, and that's basically a tropical storm level winds. And the next level up is hurricane warning which is the same flag but two of them, so two red square flags with a black square in the middle."

And if the worst happens don't get on a submerged boat, get salvage help from a professional.

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