Tropical Storm Dolly Heads Toward Texas

image of Tropical Storm Dolly as of 07-21-08Forecasts show Dolly tracking toward the Brownsville area. And it's looks likely for the Tropical Storm to intensify into a hurricane before it hits land.

While the Houston area isn't at risk, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says the county is on standby.

"The State of Texas initiates everything. And since the county is an arm of the state, we take over as the storm approaches our particular locality. Right now the state is, for example, diverting fuel trucks, telling them to be on standby to go to the area likely to be hit so that people can top off their tanks."

image of Tropical Storm Dolly as of 07-21-08Harris County is in on daily conference calls with the state about Tropical Storm Dolly.

Some local resources could get tapped if the storm hits populated areas in south Texas.

Emmett says the biggest challenge for the county right now is getting residents into the mindset of preparing for a hurricane.

"If you lived in Minnesota, you would know at the end of every summer you'd start getting ready for the snowfall and the blizzard that you know is coming. Well we don't know that a hurricane is coming, but people on the Gulf Coast need to prepare as if every year a hurricane is going to come our way. And if at the end of the season you've got a kit that you haven't had to use, that's no big deal. It's far better than having a storm come our way and not be prepared."

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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