Citgo Gifts Light Bulbs to Houston Residents

The bulbs are a donation from Citgo and the Citizens Energy Corporation.

CEC Chairman Joe Kennedy says Houston summers and Boston winters are taking their toll.

"The price of energy is just simply sky-rocketing. It's getting beyond the point where not just the poor can pay, but it's getting beyond the point where moderate, middle-income Americans who work hard each and every day, and try to make a little bit of a living out of their lives for their families, no longer can make it."

Each eligible house will get 20 compact fluorescent light bulbs to help save energy consumption.ξ

"Over the lifetime of this bulb, five years this thing will last, in five years this light bulb and the 20 others like it that Dolores is going to get -- will save over $600. Each light bulb will save a half a ton of carbon that we dump into the atmosphere. One of these little things!"

Kennedy made the announcement in the blazing heat outside recipient Dolores Smith's home.

In an irony no one anticipated, someone at the event became ill from the heat and was sent to the hospital.

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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