Veto Threat Brings out Local Vets

The House passed the bill Wednesday 412 to 9. It's designed to meet a critical need says Vietnam veteran Richard Perez.

"One of the things that's so vital is to get these veterans off the street."

The Homes for Heroes Act would provide shelter for homeless veterans and their families and help prevent very low income veteran family's from falling into homelessness. Among other things it would establish a 200-million-dollar program to support housing and services for low-income vets. Almost half of whom are Vietnam veterans, many with mental illnesses and or alcohol and substance abuse problems. It also contains Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wages and therefore the White House has said the president will veto it.

Richard Perez has a message for President Bush.

"President Bush please don't veto this bill, you know, we need it. The thing is, one of the things I've always said, and I don't know if I'm saying it right or not,ξ I feel as a veteran, 100% disabled, on this war here the government is robbing Peter to give it to Paul."

Congressman Al Green says both the Farm Bill and the Energy Bill both contain Davis-Bacon provisions and they were not vetoed.

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