First Graders Say 'Yeah' About Healthy Living

The kids were at the University of Houston to see a production of the original musical, "The Emperor's New Clothes, " part of The Children's Theatre Festival. ξJust before the curtain went up members of YEAH, or Youth Excited About Health took a few minutes to remind the audience about The Oliver Foundation's seven health choices.

Just to make sure the message sank in Parker Kink had the kids repeat them, starting with: 'Five a day servings of fruits and vegetables'.

"Five a day."ξ "Five a day."
"More water."ξ "More water."
"Healthy snacks."ξ "Healthy snacks."
"Active play."ξ "Active play."
"Three a day dairy."ξ "Three a day dairy."
"Healthy breakfast."ξ "Healthy breakfast."
"Smart portion sizes."ξ "Smart portion sizes."
Great, we knew this was a smart group."

Each of the kids got a hand out with a list of the healthy choices at the end of the musical.

Parker Kirk says the idea is to get kids thinking about a healthy lifestyle early on even though the decisions of their parents play a role in healthy decisions now.

"But as they get older they start making these decisions on their own and if it isn't set in their mind early on that a healthy life style is extremely important, then they are not going to live it as they grow."

Before the kids arrived the Oliver Foundation presented a check for sixty-five hundred dollars to the University of Houston Children's Theater Festival.


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