Summer Safety for Kids

The fire department's web site,, has links to many other sites with lots of information that parents should consider to keep their children safe. One link is to CPS, Child Protective Services, where Estella Olguin says one of the most important decisions parents make this time of year is whether or not their child is old enough to stay home alone.

Houston Police remind parents to make sure kids at home have a safe house or place they can go to in an emergency and how to answer the phone, the door and how to call 911.

Last summer the Fire Department's Elizabeth Ferrer says there were 31 calls to fires associated with kids, one claimed a life. She says the most important thing is to keep lighters and matches away from children.

"And that means keeping them in a hidden place not just an out of the way lace. Secondly, keeping kids occupied, which I know is a challenge, all through the summer and third, the danger of fire is that all fires start small. It just takes one flame the size of a match to burn down a building."

She says kids should be taught to call 911 if they accidentally start of a fire, even if they think they've put it out. No one will get in trouble and a disaster might be averted.

There are many more safety issues for parents to consider and again there are links at
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