The Front Row, Monday, 3/31/2008

Political activist, journalist, and one of Latin America's leading writers, Laura Restrepo speaks with Bob Stevenson about her latest book, Delirium, which she will read and discuss this evening at Zilkha Hall.ξ Delirium is about a man who returns from a weekend trip to discover that, during his absence, his wife has lost her mind. ξListen. ξDownload.

Los Angeles novelist Lisa See speaks with Catherine Lu about her new book, Peony in Love, a re-telling of a true story of The Three Wives from Seventeenth Century China.ξ In The Three Wives, three women who had been married in succession to the same man, and who together wrote the first book of its kind, a work of literary criticism about the notorious and frequently-censored opera, the Peony Pavilion.ξ Listen. Download.

We also introduce you to the newest member of the Symphony's artistic staff, Robert Franz, who assumes the recently-created position of Associate Conductor.ξ Mr. Franz talked with Dean Dalton about what his responsibilities will be with the Houston Symphony and about what musical skills and enthusiasms he brings with him to his new job. ξListen. ξDownload.

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