The Front Row, Wednesday, 4/09/2008

Chicago based actress, Pamela Vogel speaks about her role of Vivian Bearing, in the Texas Repertory Theatre Company's production of Wit.ξ The Pulitzer Prize-winning play is a thought-provoking and life-affirming study of the emotional, psychological struggles of Vivian, a highly respected professor of English literature, who is hospitalized and diagnosed with Stage Four ovarian cancer. ξListen. ξDownload.ξ

Chris Johnson speaks with DanceBrazil's founder, Artistic Director, and choreographer, Jelon Vierira, and with the production's composer and director, Toach Gira about their new program, Ritmo.ξ Ritmo, a fusion of modern dance and the ritualized, rhythmic, and extremely-athletic Afro-Brazilian martial art known as Capoeira, will show tomorrow night at Jones Hall. ξListen. ξDownload.

We enjoy modern art-songs by Dutch, South-African and American composers, performed live by critically-acclaimed Dutch soprano Julia Bronkhorst and pianist Maarten Hillenius.ξ The Amsterdam-based duo presents love/reflection/protest, a concert sponsored by the Foundation for Modern Music.ξ ξListen. ξDownload.

The Kronos Quartet presents Visual Music in Houston for the first time, whose performances are accompanied by a series of video projections, created by several artists, including Cather Owens and Willie Williams.ξ Violinist David Harrington, the nominal leader and spokesperson for the group, talked to Chris Johnson about their performance at the Wortham Center's Cullen Theater. ξListen. ξDownload.

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