The Front Row, Friday, 4/04/2008

Violinists Jonathan Godfrey and Oleg Sulyma, cellist Barrett Sills, and harpsichordist Bill Averill of the Mercury Baroque Chamber Ensemble join St. John Flynn in studio 3C.ξ The Mercury Baroque will perform the last of its salon recitals at the MFAH's newer Audrey Jones Beck Building.ξ ξListen. ξDownload.

The Holocaust Museum and musicians from the Houston Symphony present Forbidden Music—works by Jewish composers, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Erwin Schulhoff, and Alexander von Zemlinsky, who were banned by Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists.ξ Houston Symphony musicians Angela Fuller and Kiju Joh, violi; Linda Goldstein, viola; and Devin Dvorak, cello, speak with Dean Dalton and give performances from their Zilkha Hall Concert.ξ ξListen. ξDownload.ξ

We also meet Ukrainian-Australian classical guitartist, Aleksandr Tsiboulski, who chats about the intimate house concert, presented by the Greater Houston Guitar Guild.ξ Mr. Tsiboulski spoke by phone from Austin with Catherine Lu. ξListen.ξ ξDownload.

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