The Front Row, Thursday, 5/29/2008

Choreographers Hilary Bryan and Jill Sigman chat with KUHF's Bob Stevenson about the 2008 Big Range Dance Festival. ξListen. ξDownload.

Jazz pianist and composer Elio Villafranca is joined in the KUHF Performance Studio by Janine Beckles and Kevin Jackson from the Dallas Black Dance Theater. Armando Silva is the Associate Director of Development at MECA — Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts. They all gather in Studio 3-C for a conversation and preview of Tribute. ξListen. ξDownload.

2008 Poet Laureate Larry D. Thomas chats with KUHF's Catherine Lu. His latest book, New and Selected Poems is published by TCU Press. ξListen. ξDownload.

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