Film Review: "Let Me In"

Owen (Smit-McPhee) is a small, frequently bullied middle-schooler in 1980s New Mexico whose life is changed by the arrival of a strange young girl named Abby (Moretz) and her bedraggled "father" (Jenkins).  After a string of murders rocks the snowy town, Owen discovers Abby's true nature as a vampire.  Congratulations Hollywood, you released a really good remake.  Finally.

Based on the stark and haunting Swedish film Let the Right One In, Let Me In is a very sound but subtly different take on the story.  Reaves does a great job adapting the chilling (and chilly) feel to a new but strikingly similar location.  It's a fair amount gorier than the original, and while Giacchino's score suits the movie, it feels a little intrusive at times.  The cast works well: Smit-McPhee is spot-on as a gawky kid who falls through the cracks, Moretz is great as the mysterious and conflicted Abby and Jenkins is good per usual.  The growing relationship between these two outcasts is very sweet, despite the terrible conditions that birth it.  The changes from the original are few and subtle, but fans may take issue with some of the points that have been made more explicit.  It's a slightly different interpretation of the original (which was itself adapted from a novel), but a very worthwhile watch for those unfamiliar with the story.  Oh, and these vampires die in sunlight.  Take that, Team Edward.  I recommend it.


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