Film Review: "The Other Guys"

After famous NYPD supercops Danson and Hightower (Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson) fall in the line of duty, most of the force is eager to take their place. When a high-profile crime falls into their laps, the unlikely duo of accountant-turned-detective Gamble (Ferrell) and perpetual hothead Hoitz (Wahlberg) spring into action with disastrous results. A fun and frenzied buddy-cop movie.

In defiance of tradition, and one of the things I really enjoy about this flick, The Other Guys doesn't really have a "straight man." Ferrell is too quirky and weird to be it, and Wahlberg has too many anger issues. The closest would be their captain (Keaton), despite his penchant for unwittingly quoting R&B group TLC. The rest of the cast does a good job, especially Johnson and Jackson, who obviously had a good time playing a ridiculous police duo. The jokes come hot and heavy, and hit more often than they miss. Though the plot gets muddled and the pacing sluggish in a few places, you can rely on Ferrell's knack for bizarre behavior to bring things back in line. It might not be Ferrell and McKay's best collaboration (I'd have to give that to Anchorman, personally), but it is one of the best buddy-cop send-ups since Hot Fuzz. A solidly entertaining romp.


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