Film Review: "Splice"

In search of notoriety and new medicines, biochemists Clive and Elsa (Brody and Polley) create a hybrid creature containing human DNA. As their creation grows and matures, Clive and Elsa have to face the consequences of their tampering with biology. A well-made and timely horror story.

The best word I've found to describe Splice is "grotesque." It has some very viscerally disgusting scenes and a disturbingly realistic character in Dren (creepily well-realized by newcomer Chanéac and the expert visual effects team), but the real grotesqueries are provided by the actions of our protagonists. Brody and Polley are believable as a pair of brilliant scientists, but their pursuit of greater heights inspires morbid curiosity and stomach-churning dread. While the film (thankfully) doesn't delve too deeply into the science at play, the ethics are all too familiar, especially given the current pace of scientific/technological advancement. The only disappointing aspect of the movie is the third act, which devolves into a generic-horror-movie chase scene, capped by predictable but unsettling ending. As far as recent "horror" movies go, Splice is one of the more affecting and effective I've seen.


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