Blu-Ray Review: "Legion"

When God turns against the human race, the archangel Michael (Bettany), along with a ragtag group marooned at a far-flung diner, must protect Charlie (Palicki), a waitress pregnant with humanity's only hope. An interesting, but only intermittently entertaining action movie.

Legion isn't a bad action movie as much as a disappointing one. It has some interesting ideas (namely God's war on mankind and Bettany's angelic defiance), and some nifty special effects (not surprising, given the director's previous job at ILM), but it's the stuff in between that holds the movie back. When the guns aren't blazing, Legion gets unusually talky and loses almost all of its momentum. Crummy dialogue, a silly story and some bad acting don't help matters. Bettany and Quaid are both better than this, with each hitting a different end of the spectrum: Quaid, with his awful accent, gives way too much, and the stone-faced Bettany not enough. The opening monologue also features some grim humor that the rest of the movie sorely lacks. Special features include some behind-the-scenes featurettes and commentary track from the director. Not the Biblical apocalypse I was hoping for.


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