Film Review: "District B13: Ultimatum"

In the near future, a wealthy developer (unironically named Harriburton) wants to demolish a walled-off section of Paris known as District B13, an area run by a collection of ethnic gangs. To do so, police captain Damien Tomaso (Raffaelli) is framed for murder, and it is up to Tomaso's friend Leito (Belle) to uncover the plot and set things right. An intense and thrilling action-adventure.

The latest film from writer Luc Besson, District B13: Ultimatum is a very good sequel. This film embellishes what the previous one did well (acrobatic, jaw-dropping parkour sequences and brutal but creative melees) without succumbing to the common sequel pitfall of "more/bigger/flashier." The scope of the film is expanded from its predecessor, but while there is a more political bent to the movie, the plot never oversteps its main function: to act as a framework for the action. Speaking of which, the film does a great job of showcasing Belle and Raffaelli's respective talents, favoring longer cuts and wider shots, as opposed to the hyper-edited shaky-cam footage you can usually expect in this type of movie. But honestly, how can you turn down a film in which a Van Gogh is not only used as a prop, but a weapon? Now that's talent. Second verse same as the first, but that's actually a good thing.


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