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Music in the Making: September 21st, 2014

Featuring music inspired by Hispanic culture and written by Hispanic composers!

TxDOT Ordered To Speed Up Oil Patch Highway Repairs

Texas Transportation Commission plans to redirect funds from less “shovel ready” projects.

Oil & Gas Trouble In Texas Ranchland: Whose Road Is It?

Issues emerge when energy companies need access to private land.

Houston To Benefit From Space Privatization

NASA's selection last week could benefit Houston economically.
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VIDEO: 'Bohemian Inception, American Inspiration': Apollo Chamber Players’ World Premiere

The Houston quartet debuts a brand new commission from Libby Larsen.

William Cowper Brann

A 19th century publisher who wrote scathing columns in his famous weekly journal, "The Iconoclast."

Houston Area Bayous Respond To Heavy Rainfall

Harris County watersheds have responded well to the runoff from heavy rainfall

Houston Company Wants To Turn Vacant City Lots Into Farms

“Planted: Houston” aims to bring fresh fruits and vegetables into food deserts.

Immigration Still In Spotlight As Valley Hosts First Governor's Debate

Some Valley residents say that publicity has unfairly stereotyped the region.

Texas State Senator Robert Nichols Discusses Proposition 1

Proposed constitutional amendment would provide $1.7 billion for transportation projects.