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Former Obama Administration Official Speaks Out On Keystone XL Delays

A White House decision on Keystone appears unlikely before the November elections.

UH Moment: "Lupus"

Research from the UH Cullen College of Engineering is on its way to unraveling the mysteries of how Lupus attacks ...

Students To Represent Houston In National Rocket Contest Final

St. Thomas High teams have advanced to finals eight of 12 times.

New report finds Texas Prison System exposes inmates to deadly heat

UT Law School report shows Texas inmates are exposed to deadly heat.

City Seeks Public Input On Medical Center Traffic Congestion

Study looks at transportation needs in busy Med Center corridor.

New Research Finds Top 10 Percent Plan Impacts Students Differently

Researchers looked at 17,000 students at a large Texas school district.

UT Law Clinic: Texas Is Violating Prisoners Human Rights

The University of Texas Law School in Austin released a report that shows the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is ...

Video: Arts InSIght - Who Is Steve Shoots?

Palestinian artist Steve Sabella expresses himself with photography and photographic installations

Video: Punk Bands And Pizza Boxes

How music and folk art influenced the screen prints of Carlos Hernandez.

Video: The Chinati Foundation

We visit an art-world mecca in far-west Texas.
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