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Street Reconstruction Project Could Tie Up Traffic For A Year

Major construction is about to start on South Shepherd Drive.

Opera Cheat Sheet: The Magic Flute

Our quick intro to Mozart’s penultimate opera, this Saturday’s noon opera broadcast.

Number Of Mosquitoes With West Nile Surpasses That Of 2012

No human cases have been confirmed yet in Harris County.

Texas Abortion Rate Declines As Clinics Close Their Doors

13 percent drop re-ignites debate over state law’s new abortion restrictions

Public Poetry: Billie Duncan

Billie Duncan wants you to know her poems aren't about her. Usually.

Effort to Repeal Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance is Slow-Going

It's taking longer than expected to verify petition to repeal HERO ordinance.

Texas State Board Delays Textbook Order for Ethnic Studies

The delay comes after the board agreed to order books in April.

Texas Originals: Jane Y. McCallum

Despite great opposition, she spent her life fighting for Texas women's right to vote. She was president of Austin Woman ...

Bauer Business Focus: Praveen Kumar On Banking, Remittances, And Immigration

Kumar teaches finance at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business.

Houston Native To Head Galveston Coast Guard

Houston Native was named to head the U-S Coast Guard in Galveston