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How One Counselor In Texas Advises Hundreds Of Students

The statewide average is more than 400 students per counselor.

UH Moment: 'Postcards'

History is made of dates, facts and figures, but mostly of stories. A collection, curated by a University of Houston ...

Harris County Judge's New Dome Vision: World's Largest Indoor Park

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett wants to turn the Astrodome into the world's largest indoor park.

Counties Resort To Aerial Spraying To Combat West Nile Virus

Montgomery leads all Texas counties in West Nile virus cases this year.

Carshare Encourages Workers To Leave Their Personal Vehicles At Home

Houston's Energy Corridor wants to promote alternative commuting.

As the Governor's Legal Team Fights Charges, Perry Stops In Midland

Governor Rick Perry took to the road for an oil and gas company's groundbreaking ceremony in Midland.

'Full Gallop' At Stages: Diana Vreeland, Vogue And Reinventing Oneself

Sally Edmundson stars in this one-woman play set in 1971.

Lawmakers Hear Proposals For Confronting Man-Made Quakes

The Texas House Subcommittee on Seismic Activity heard regulatory options.

Texas Students Choose Career Paths As Early As Middle School

Students must pick career paths, or endorsements, with Texas' new education plan.

Labor Rights Week

The Labor Department uses the upcoming Labor Day to increase worker rights awareness
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