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Looking For Finding Land for Boom in Freight Trains

Freight trains need land for rail yards but where in Texas?

The “Alley Theatre @ UH” Presents Horton Foote’s “The Old Friends”

Southwestern première of Texas playwright’s family saga on stage at UH.

Texas Voter ID Law Back In Federal Court

This could be just the beginning of another years-long appeals process.

The Rebirth of Memorial Park

How the 2011 drought positively influenced the park's long-term future.

Does Houston Have Enough Water?

Experts discuss the impact of population growth on the area's water supply.

Music in the Making: August 31st, 2014

Featuring works by Falla, Strauss and Schumann!

Where Cotton Is King, Controversy Erupts Over Rail Yard

The tiny Texas farm town of Mumford battles proposed rail yard.

How One Pasadena High School Welcomes New Freshman

Volunteers visited the homes of more than 700 new ninth graders.

Classical Classroom, Episode 59: Back To School Quiz!

Play along in this host-humiliating "drop the needle" quiz show.

Labor Shortages Spreading To Some Cities Hit Hardest By Recession

Plenty of jobs, not enough workers. It’s no longer a Houston-only problem.