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Federal Court Rules Houston Search Group Can Use Drones

Court overrules a cease and desist order from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Patients With Low-Cost Insurance Struggle To Find Hospitals and Specialists

“Narrow network” plans mean fewer choices in exchange for lower premiums

Lawmaker Hosts Human Trafficking Summit

Human trafficking summit to increase awareness and protect children from being victimized

Classical Classroom, Episode 55: So Much Harpsichord With Matthew Dirst

Very possibly more harpsichord than you can handle.

Amidst Conflict, Houston Teens Return From Israel

Jewish students stayed away from dangerous areas during 3-week trip.

Neighbors Appeal For Help To Fix Dangerous Sidewalks

Houston officials say residents are responsible for sidewalk repairs.

Houston Democrats Question Cost of Perry Troop Plan

They say Texas can't afford an operation that could cost Texas tens of millions of dollars.

Katy Bond Committee to Present $750 Million Bond Package

The deadline to put a bond on the fall ballot is Aug. 18.

The Texas Tenors

JC Fisher tells tall Texas Tenors tales.

Study: Majority of Female Vets Know a Sex Crime Victim

Verbal or physical sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape considered in study.

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