UH Moment

UH Moment: “UNlimiters”

Two recent graduates from the University of Houston show how there really aren't any limits to what you want to do.

“Everyone needs to unlimited themselves. You don’t have to have a disability.”  

Justin Farley has cerebral palsy and also is CEO of UNlimiters, an internet start up that sells products to ease challenges of those with mobility issues. What began as a business plan contest at Bauer College of Business and an industrial design project at the college of architecture has become an innovative entrepreneurial venture.

“We are basically like a storefront for all the other people who have products for people with disabilities,” he said.   

UNlimiters is now located in the University of Houston’s Energy Research Park.

Justin Farley at a graduation ceremony

Derek Yeung, a recent graduate from the College of Architecture’s Industrial Design program, works with Justin, designing the Unlimiters website, which features products, showcase items and blogs.  

“For example, right here is MagnaReady, which is a magnetic shirt to help people button up shirts a lot easier,” Yeung said. ” You’ll also find Time Optics, which is a watch that talks, telling you the time instead of having to read it.”  

Despite being the new kids on the block, UNlimiters has garnered attention from people and distributors who have products, but no venue to market them.  

“I still can’t believe we’re the only ones who thought of it because it seemed so simple,” Farley said.

Farley is a product of the prestigious Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. He says his dream has always been to show how anyone can do anything they want.  There are no limits.    

“You’re no different from anybody else. Live an unlimited life.”