UH Moment

UH Moment: “Spring Break”

What does "Spring Break" conjure up for you?  It's much different for a special group of UH students.  Listen to this week's UH Moment.

What do you remember about your spring breaks?  Beach? Parties? Late Nights?  One group of University of Houston students has different plans.  They’re spending the week tutoring children in a  Louisiana Head Start program.  It’s the inaugural UH Alternative Spring Break.  

“Giving up my spring break to do service has never been something that was a hard decision for me,” said Courtney Reynolds, a student in the UH Graduate College of Social Work.  “I’d much rather go and help someone, than get a tan–considering I burn when I try to tan!”  

Courtney is organizing the trip through the Center for Leadership, and Fraternity and Sorority Student Life. Working with Community Collaborations, the group will be assigned students in Head Start and EarlyHead Start classes.  

“In the morning it’s classroom focused and in the afternoons we’ll be doing more tutoring with the elementary students for the head start group,” she said.  “I would definitely say I feel called to this. There are a lot of things that I could do, but this is what I am meant to do.”  

Twelve students, graduates and undergraduates, are going on this inaugural Alternative Spring Break trip.  Courtney said everyone eagerly raised the nearly $400 a piece to spend the week in the facility.  She’s hopeful for more people net year.  And for a meaningful experience this year.

“For the (UH) participants, I really want everyone leave feeling more like an active citizen,” she said.  “For the children we’re helping, I want them to feel loved and appreciated and cared for, and that they do have worth and value and strengths.”

Service-oriented students are part of what’s happening at the University of Houston.  I’m Marisa Ramirez.