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UH Moment: “Professor Mamie Moy”

Professor Mamie Moy has spent her more than 50 years at the University of Houston teaching science to students, teachers, adults and children.  Listen to her story in this UH Moment.

“About 10 years ago, we asked kids to draw a picture of a scientist, a chemist.  It’s always a white coat with hair like Einstein, just a nerd,” she said.  “Now the children are not doing that.  The hair is a bit more refined and sometimes it’s even a lady.”

Moy is a far cry from nerdy, Einstein hair.  The petite chemistry professor, lauded for her efforts that encourage young people to pursue science and math studies, says science should be accessible.  

Professor Mamie Moy receiving an award from the American Chemical Society“Children who haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to science of any kind should be exposed to science,” she said.  “You want to see all of these children grow into a meaningful life.”

Moy is a trailblazer for women scientists, entering the field when few women did.  From college students to elementary kids, Moy shows how science is not just in textbooks.

She conducts science and research workshops for teachers to show how to make even the most abstract scientific concepts relevant, interesting and even fun for young students. Additionally, her Summer Scholars program brings the brightest high school students to campus for hands-on summer research experiences.

“When you pursue the science or the math you can pursue any career you want to.  These are the building blocks of knowledge,” she said.    

Moy has been honored with the American Chemical Society Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences and as an American Chemical Society Fellow.  

“It’s like reading a mystery.  This is happening; let’s see what else can happen!  Let’s see what else is there!  And you have the ability and the support to go for it.”

Mamie Moy is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston.  I’m Marisa Ramirez.

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