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UH Moment: “Digital History”

Ken Burns, arguably the best digital historian, set the standard for storytelling using digital materials and traditional narratives.  Now UH students have a venue to learn the craft.  Listen to UH Moment.

With the rise in multimedia venues to convey and consume news and information, future digital historians need a place to hone their skills.

Ken Burn's Baseball“You’re going to need a compelling story and a reason to tell it,” said Michele Reilly, director of the University of Houston Digital Library.  “You’re going to need to put these things together in a way that engages the audiences, that not only tells the story for scholarship, but makes the audience want to know more.”

The Digital Library is a clearinghouse of digital information on UH, Houston and other entities. Reilly will introduce a new class on digital history.

“Students will learn to digitize, they’ll learn to write metadata, they’ll learn to take the product that they’ve digitize and turn it into a video, a slideshow, a pod cast,” she said. 

Students’ projects will use materials from the digital library to produce digital histories of UH.  Their class projects will then be uploaded to the digital library and become a new story and permanent record of the university.

“We hope they can put together stories about the history of the presidents of the university or something about race, gender and the turbulent sixties,” Reilly said.  “These compelling stories will provide story and scholarship, and we need more stories about UH because we’ve done interesting things.”  

Digital History is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston.  I’m Marisa Ramirez.

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