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UH Moment: “American Humanics”

Students preparing to lead a nonprofit organization get an added credential and an edge with one University of Houston program.  Find out more in this week’s UH Moment.

Passion is the first thing students need to pursue career goals in the non-profit world.  American Humanics is the second.  Housed in the Graduate College of Social Work, the UH chapter of American Humanics (AH) prepares students for leadership positions in nonprofit organizations.

“They’re learning how to do fundraising and grant writing,” said interim director Lori Godwin.  “They’re learning about program planning and implementation.  They’re learning non-profit management skills, but all of those things really are transferrable when you take out the word nonprofit.”

There are more than 70 American Humanics chapters in the country.  The UH David M. Underwood chapter has been recognized as one of the best.  Esther Lee is a scholarship recipient from an AH leadership program.  She’ll graduate in May with a degree in Finance and a certificate from American Humanics.

American Humanics YIP Day“Non profits are run as businesses.  They still need qualified professionals—accountants, people who are doing financial services, financial planning.  I wanted to have a career where I’m doing good and feeling good about doing it.”

Esther and students like her spend two semesters, 480 hours, interning with a Houston nonprofit organizations to learn the business and community aspect of the agencies.  Esther is working with Prepared4Life.  Whether her future includes a seat at the head of a nonprofit, a corporation or a board of directors, her American Humanics certificate gives her an edge in a career of doing good.

“Students are going to have an advantage because they’ll know both sides of the coin,” Godwin said.  “They’re there to impact the organization they’re working with.”

American Humanics is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston.  I’m Marisa Ramirez.

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