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UH Moment: “Center for Public Policy”

Houston is a microcosm of the world. Researchers at the University of Houston’s Center for Public Policy find what happens here is an indication of what may happen across the country or around the world.  Hear about it in this UH Moment.

“A public policy center is the face of the university to the community,” said Jim Granato, director of the University of Houston Center for Public Policy.  The face of Houston shows the weathered challenges of a big city — crime, education, infrastructure — perfect fodder for research. 

Center for Public Policy“The issues of the day, particularly energy, are centered here. What’s happening in Houston and what we study in Houston are going to have implications nationally,” he said.   

The Center for Public Policy currently is compiling information for a Houston real estate database.  Researchers also have examined the Houston economy, politics and elections, the efficiency of Conducted Energy Devices and, for the state, demographics of lottery players.

“The biggest selling point this center has is how we study something,” Granato said.  “We want to bring a combination of case study, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and visualization.” 

Lottery Demographic InformationIn addition, through partnerships with state and federal elected officials, more than 225 students have interned in government offices through the successful Mickey Leland Congressional Internships — a program that has produced a new generation of public servants. 

The Center for Public Policy is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston. I’m Marisa Ramirez. 

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